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NCP feels obligated to publish what past clients say about our service, because evey job is important. Your ideas, concerns & input will be heard.

“ Your contribution and the expertise that you brought to my play Angels for Children.... The Magical Horse , written and produced to benefit the Root Farm assisted riding program, was exceptional. From start to finish you were on top of every aspect of the production with the calm, reassuring demeanor of the first-rate professional that you are. All the elements (lighting, sound, seating, stage decoration) of the production flowed together seamlessly, and, as a result, it was one of the best received and most talked about events of its kind to take place in the area. A big thank you to you and your crew for an extraordinary event!!! I look forward to working with you on the 2009 version.

Angels For Children Tina Cristiani Veder
Producer & Writer ”

“ Our Summer Arts Festival performances were scaled down a few years ago so we could feature local performers on a more informal stage. Each festival since that change, I have been trying to take small steps to upgrade the stage and venue so we can better highlight those performances. Finally in 2008 we were able to bring National Concerts on board to provide us with a covered stage rather than a platform in the glaring sun. Dave Brewster and National Concert Productions were great - Dave was professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He set up the stage with no help from our staff and to my surprise, he was on hand for the entire 6 day festival. I would, and will, contract with Dave and National Concerts again."

Ryan West Frable
Assistant Director of Performing Arts
Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute
Utica, New York ”

“ Having worked with Dave Brewster over the last 10 years on many Events I can say with confidence that he is a person of both good character and perseverance. His professionalism at all levels is never ending. No stone will be left unturned at an event that he is involved with in a management or vendor capacity.

John Lloyd - Lloyd Sound Inc. ”

“ It is always a pleasure working with Dave Brewster and National Concert Productions for the Central PA 4th Fest (http://www.4thfest.org). We use their roofing system. It looks great, and meets the needs of our musicians and sound crew. We look forward to working with Dave and his team again this coming year!

Eileen Christman
Central PA 4th Fest ”

“ Thank you so much for setting in motion the events that brought us together Saturday night. It was truly an extraordinary production, an amazing work of art. Sarah and I really enjoyed it. On Sunday, I had occasion to tell that story to a group of people, as proof that the life of the spirit appeals to a much broader spectrum of people than one might surmise from the surface of things. This was a play about spiritual life, to me. One of the men at our table told stories about seeing ghosts, and revealed that he owns a haunted hunting lodge. Another guest had spent a night there and confirmed that it was haunted. And one of the women said in her mother's barn, if a horse arrives, it never leaves. It is there for the rest of its life. She has a horse that was injured in the Marcy fire, and it has recovered enough to live a fairly normal life, now. Horses as a healing influence was discussed. Strangers don't normally discuss these things. It was quite amazing to see how the theatrical "suspension of disbelief" carried over into the polite world of dinner parties. Sarah and I thought the production was very well presented --- top notch. Someone (I can't think who) remarked that it would be either "very amateurish" or very good. Well, it was very good. And all the sidebars were well executed, too. The silent auction. Getting people from here to there. The cocktail hour. The dinner. Even the valet parking. Everything was First Class. This whole team is to be congratulated on a high performance implementation. I hope this event will be done again next year. Like the annual Christmas Pageant, it is a story that will not fade with time. It will continue to fascinate and capture the imaginations of those who see it. I have discovered that just relating the plot line to a friend is uplifting. This performance has a great future. I see it in many other venues, for other therapeutic riding programs.... Should Tina wish to pursue that.....
Thank you for a spectacular experience.
Sue Brander ”

“ I would highly recommend National Concert Productions. Dave Brewster provided a stage, the sound and lighting for two of our large, outdoor Christian concerts. At both events the stage was professional and very impressive. I have found Dave easy to work with, reliable and professional and would not hesitate to hire him again in the future.

Impact Jim Willard
Impact Project Director
Berean Bible Church
Greene, NY ”

“ "Dave Brewster, not only a person who is very organized but a true honest person. We can't say enough about Dave and National Concert Productions" -

Ron Keck,
CEO SubCat Music Studios ”

“ Dave, I was totally impressed by your determination to get the job done, done right, and done on time. Challenges were handled with patience and ingenuity. Follow-up attention and concern after the event was both unexpected and very much appreciated.

The Root Farm Alice Root
Root Farm Foundation
Verona, NY ”

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